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Dear Visitor,


    I'm a senior in high school and I'm the person who created this website, All About Laurie. This website is all about Laurie Halse Anderson, a topic a student was interested in and wanted to share out to the world. All About Laurie will help viewers to learn about Anderson’s life and her many works. When viewing this website, you should expect to see different ways that I chose to share my findings. Everything that is made is orginal and even though it's original. Whether it’s from book reviews to creating invitations, you should expect to learn many things about Anderson. Where she came from, how she became who she is today, and what inspires her to write. This website is for information and entertainment use, which means mostly everything in this website is true. The only information that is false are the things that I made and that will be noted at the bottom or the top of the pieces that are false. When you click the tab that says genre, you wll find the reason I did everything I did. If you want to explore more about Laurie Halse Anderson and her work, you can check out all the sources that was used in the tab that says “Annotated Bibliography”.

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